Our 2017 Year In Review

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2017 was a really great year for us here at Life Progression Project and I hope you all had a fantastic year as well! We hit over 95% of our goals in 2017 and we cannot wait to see what 2018 brings!

2017 Year In Review:

  1. Our passive income streams (Online Courses, Ebooks, Stock Footage, Graphics, Youtube etc.) from Life Progression Project reached almost the same business income as our other two divisions combined! We believe our passive income streams will outperform all of our other business income in 2018!
  2. Our website was completely re-designed to be much faster & mobile friendly, including an SSL certificate for a more secured website user experience:
  3. We produced just shy of 100 new youtube videos:
  4. 24 new online courses were produced and we had over 70,000 new student enrolments from 179 countries around the world! wow! Still can’t believe this! We are truly grateful for all of the overwhelmingly kind messages we’ve received from all of our students that let us know how our courses have helped teach them to skills and in some cases, how our courses have helped change their lives!
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  5. Our stock footage portfolio increased to over 1000 clips for sale between several marketplaces and we had our best sales yet where we made over $700 usd in one month in passive income selling stock footage!
    Stock Footage Best Month
  6. We are incredibly proud to say that our Cryptocurrency Investing course became a best seller and has averaged several thousand dollars in passive income each month.
  7. A goal we set in 2016 was to complete a Travel TV Series Pilot Episode, or Travel Mini Doc on a location in the world that we love. As of December 2017, we completed a mini-doc series on Nelson, British Columbia from our trip in early 2017! Since the internet is becoming more popular by day compared to television, we decided youtube would be a great place to release each mini-doc episode. Each episode will be released on a monthly basis, starting next week on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/lifeprogressionproject
  8.  Mid 2017, we went into partnership with Udemy in creating several courses for their Udemy For Business division. We produced 6 courses within a 30 day period, which are now all featured as Udemy For Business courses.

There were dozens of smaller goals we met, but those are the big ones! What were goals that you reached in the 2017 year? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Happy New Year!

Life Progression Project

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