Iceland 2018 Trip

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Alli and I spent 15 days exploring the entire country of Iceland capturing as much stock content as we could.

We rented an AWD 4×4 SUV and drove the entire 1 highway around Iceland and went off road as much as we could each day to take it all in. Iceland is truly jaw dropping. We brought our cinema package video camera and 3-axis gimbal as well as a 4k drone to capture several hundred stock footage clips of the beautiful country which as we’ve explained in other posts is one way we make passive income each month.

We went in February, which means it was winter, but it is actually warmer than Toronto during winter on average due to the gulf stream pushing cold temperatures away from Iceland. Although, I’ve never experienced winds as strong, or fog as thick, or blizzards hitting and passing so quickly as in Iceland. If it’s a windy, snowy, terrible day in Iceland and you hear the locals say ‘Just wait 10 minutes’, it’s true. The weather changes so frequently that we experience rain, snow, high winds, no winds, a completely blue sky to a completely cloud covered sky, all in one day! One of the days during our trip we had to pass one of the spots we wanted to see and check into a hotel instead because there was a storm coming in with winds at 140km/hour. It’s no joke there.

The trip was nothing short of amazing. Iceland looks like a different planet. From the lava fields, to the geothermal hot springs, to the incredible abundance of waterfalls and beautiful ocean cliffs, it was an incredible trip and we captured about 2TB of footage!

The huge advantage for us was developing an online business that works around our lifestyle. Going to Iceland has always been on my bucket list and being able to have our business pay for the trip is truly amazing. Being in control feels good and I encourage you to think about ways you can monetize the things you do in life, whether it’s directly or indirectly. Designing a lifestyle of financial freedom where everything flows and you get to live life on your terms is the stuff dreams are made of, and most people seem to believe they can’t make it a reality. It takes a lot of time, careful planning and dedication, even when it’s not really working out to reach a lifestyle of freedom. It all starts with you deciding you want a change, then working every day to make it happen.

We’ve spent years designing our lifestyle, while sacrificing a lot, and it’s an amazing feeling to be in control.

Below you’ll find all of our unfiltered panoramic photos from the trip, enjoy!


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