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WordPress Website For Beginners: Learn To Build A Website

Build a professional WordPress website without knowing any code! Setup hosting, a live page, e-mail, blog, SSL & more!    $110USD  –  Now $15 USD 

Neuroplasticity 101: Reprogram Your Brain While You Sleep

Be happier. Laugh more. Overcome fear, stress, anger, depression. Set and achieve impossible goals! You are not stuck!   $200USD  –  Now $15 USD

Cryptocurrency Investing: Buy & Trade Bitcoin & Altcoins 

Cryptocurrency investing for beginners: How to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo & other Altcoins. Buy, Sell & Invest.    $195USD  –  Now $15 USD

Photography For Beginners Complete Guide: Master Photography

Cryptocurrency investing for beginners: How to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo & other Altcoins. Buy, Sell & Invest.    $195USD  –  Now $15 USD

Real Estate Investing: The Strategies, Tools & Mindset

For Novice Investors: investing strategies, property analysis, market analysis, action plan, tips & negotiation strategy.    $195USD  –  Now $15 USD

iPhone Photography: Take Amazing Photos with your iPhone 

 Learn how to take your iPhone Photo Game to the next level! Take great iPhone photos that they will be proud of!    $200USD  –  Now $15 USD

Cryptocurrency Investing: How To Find Undervalued Altcoins

Cryptocurrency Investing Research Strategies To Find Undervalued Cryptocurrency Altcoins That Have Big Potential    $110USD  –  Now $15 USD

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Complete A Video Editing Project

We supply the footage and audio! Learn how to edit an engaging video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC from start to finish   $185USD  –  Now $15 USD

Difficult Conversations: Master Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations: Master Difficult Conversations, Communication Styles, Power Of Silence, How To be Persuasive   $135USD  –  Now $15 USD 

Healthy Living 101: Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation & Self Love

Healthy Living: Improve Your Health Now Through Eating Cleaner, Movement, Yoga, Meditation, Journaling & Mindfulness!    $165USD  –  Now $15 USD 

Leadership: How to Influence, Inspire and Impact as a Leader

Leading Others Using Effective Leadership Methods That’ll Get You Results! Influence, Inspire & Impact as a Leader  $135USD  –  Now $15 USD

Cross-Cultural Communication: How To Flex Your Style

Cross-Cultural Communication: Using Language Appropriately, Expressions, Gestures & Cues, Cultural Profiles & more!   $145USD  –  Now $15 USD

Communication Fundamentals: How To Communicate Better

Become an Effective Communicator And Learn How to Get Your Message Across By Learning Communication Fundamentals  $145USD  –  Now $15 USD

Personal Finance: Financial Security Thinking and Principles

How to secure your financial future the fun and easy way! Personal Finance: Financial Security Thinking & Principles.     $135USD  –  Now $15 USD 

Negotiation Fundamentals: How To Negotiate Effectively

Learn The Techniques, Strategies & Styles To Become A Better Negotiator. Negotiation Fundamentals: Get Better Deals  $135USD  –  Now $15 USD

Performance Management For Managers

Learn to successfully monitor, encourage and positively improve the performance of employees in the workplace.    $145USD  –  Now $15 USD

How to Succeed as a Woman in Leadership: Master Leadership

Become a Strong & Influential Woman in Leadership! Earn respect, manage politics & negative comments, handle stereotypes.     $100USD  –  Now $15 USD

Essential Oils Aromatherapy Uses & Benefits: Living Healthy

How to use Essential Oils to live healthy: Uses & benefits. Aromatherapy. Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Tea, Clove & more.    $85USD  –  Now $15 USD

Bitcoin For Beginners Crash Course: Buy & Trade Bitcoin 

Bitcoin Investing Crash Course: How To Buy, trade & Invest In Bitcoin For Beginners. Buy, Trade & Invest Cryptocurrency.    $115USD  –  Now $15 USD

Public Speaking: Skills & Tools for Presenting for Impact

Public Speaking: Presentation Skills for Impact! Power Points that work, prep tools, techniques, learn to engage & more!     $125USD  –  Now $15 USD

Videoscribe Whiteboard Animations: The Complete Guide

High quality professional Sparkol Videoscribe whiteboard video animations. Videoscribe training videos for beginners.    $200USD  –  Now $15 USD

Business Leadership and Management in The First 100 Days

Creating Impact and Delivering Results. Business leadership skills and strategies in management in the first 100 days.    $125USD  –  Now $15 USD

Weight Loss: Nutrition, Lose Fat, Eat Healthy & Set Goals

Eat Healthy! Set goals for fat loss, lose weight, dieting, macronutrients, 90% rule, read nutrition labels & more!    $135USD  –  Now $15 USD

How To Solve A 3×3 Rubiks Cube For Beginners Start To Finish

Learn how to solve a 3×3 Rubiks Cube. Learn the steps & algorithms from how to videos as well as a pdf downloadable file.    $95USD  –  Now $15 USD

How to Be Happy & Have the Life You Want: Tools For Success

Mindset Shifts To Start Living The Life You’ve Always Dreamed About. Make Progress, Be Happy and Be A Better You.     Enroll in this course for FREE

Avid Pro Tools: Audio Recording For Beginners In ProTools

Learn the basics of Audio Recording & Music Production With Avids Pro Tools 12 Software. Mixing, Mastering, Midi & more.    $135USD  –  Now $15 USD

Wedding Guide: Expert Planning Tips for Your Wedding Day

Getting Married? Recently Engaged? Planning Your Wedding? Wedding planning tips for Maid of Honours or soon to be brides.    $65USD  –  Now $15 USD

Adobe After Effects CC: Motion Tracking & Compositing Basics

The basics of motion tracking and compositing in After Effects: pimple/acne removal, sign/screen replacement, Mocha AE.    $145USD  –  Now $15 USD

Adobe After Effects CC For Beginners: Learn After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects CC. Learn the basics of Adobe After Effects. Motion Graphics. Animated Text, Exporting and more!    $115USD  –  Now $15 USD

Video Production Business Tips: How to Succeed in Video

Video Production Business Tips for success. Get new clients, make more and grow your video production company.    $125USD  –  Now $15 USD

 Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro video editing for beginners: Edit footage and audio, make titles and more using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.     $195USD  –  Now $15 USD

After Effects CC 2017: Make Professional Lower Thirds Titles

Professional Looking Lower Thirds Titles in After Effects CC. Create Dynamic modern animated graphics name titles in AE.    $75USD  –  Now $15 USD

How To Be Likeable: Have Better Relationships & Connections

How to Be Likeable: Develop Better Relationships, Connect With Everyone & Learn The Secrets Of Charismatic People.    $40USD  –  Now $15 USD

Secrets to Success. How to be Successful Growth Mindset

Learn to create a growth mindset that attracts success. Create & achieve your goals, learn how successful people think!  $99USD  –  Now $15 USD



What people have to say about our courses

"A wonderful course full of useful wisdom to apply to your life to become happier and healthier"

Mitchell Colins

"Nice course and a good start for Videoscribe. I could image that it would have taken a lot of time finding out all by myself. So, thanks a lot."

Kathrin Hein

"I'm giving this high review because this is a very high quality course that I have learned a ton from. From this course i have found out how to take really cool night shots, portrait shots, waterfall shots and more. I really loved it."

Tom Harrier

"Great course for preparing for public speaking. I will apply these tools to the speech I am sharing at a wedding this year."

Pete Rortuasi

"I'm following along as I go and loving this course! Great help"

Frankie Bryant

"Great easily accessible information for beginners looking to learn! Lots of excellent examples to provide context."

Madison Flickinger

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